"You get that bump in the rump when the bass starts to thump" - from the song, Groove.

About the Music


Born in Ohio, Theron was raised in the small town of Jewett. His dad was a coal miner and his mom a school cook. Music has always been a passion of his as long as he can remember. It's always been a part of his life and he contributes a big part of that to his dad. Theron says that his dad would always have him listen to the great bass lines in the old boogie woogie and early rock and roll records. Those were great memories of sharing the love of music with his dad. There's no doubt that's why Theron's favorite instrument is the bass guitar.

About Theron

Welcome to my page!

There have been so many influences in my life musically. Too many bands and artists to even list. I like so many different styles. From boogie woogie and swing to early rock and roll, doo wop and Motown to blues and country, bluegrass, classic rock, Americana folk, polka and world beat music such as Celtic, gypsy, medieval renaissance and other traditional music from other countries . I guess you could say I'm a connoisseur of good music...LOL.  I enjoy writing novelty type songs like on the first CD my brother and I did and also some that are on the Hammer Girls project. Then there is a serious side to me that tries to write songs more about everyday life and love, romance and heartbreak. The things that we all go through and can relate to. Then, there's more fun and silly songs to clap or sing along with. So, I hope there is at least one song that will touch your heart, bring a smile or just make you feel good. Enjoy the music!

- Theron

Theron Statler